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300 Miles to Pigsland

300 Miles to Pigsland

animal games
Not one, not two or three, there are 300 miles to Pigsland. Its gonna be tough and rough, but adventures are always exciting and these lil pigs will do anything just to get to Pigsland. Its important to know that they have to stick together or they wont make it. They will run automatically, but you can control their jumps. Initially you can perform only one short jump, but later as you progress and you collect coins, you can visit the Shop and buy other pigs or upgrades. Press Z key or click left mouse button to jump, that for free. Buy upgrades to jump down by pressing down arrow key make a double jump by pressing Z key or left click while in mid air and up arrow key to fly. During this last upgrade you can change the height of the flight by pressing up down arrow keys and stop flying by clicking mouse button or Z key. There are two modes in the game in which youll have to confront many obstacles, wolves and bears. The first mode is Adventure where you have to get as further as possible and earn money to buy new equipment and pigs. In the second Puzzle mode you have to spend your money wisely and choose which pig you want to give whichever equipment. What else to say except Bon Voyage little pigs


300 Miles to Pigsland

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300 Miles to Pigsland Walkthrough