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As soon as you start playing these monkey games, you will immediately be asked what happened to the monkey? You can find the answer to this question only by playing the games presented on our website. Monkeys are very cute and unusual, always trying to help. If somewhere there was some kind of trouble, the monkeys immediately lose their mood. To cheer up the monkeys, you need to correct the situation and find the solution.

Top Monkey Games

  1. Bongo Balls
  2. Monkey Kart
  3. Curl Rush
  4. Monkey Diner
  5. Ice Adventures
  6. Jungle Plunge
  7. Flubble Bubble
  8. Little Animal Rescue
  9. Monkey Go Happy 3
  10. More Bloons

Best Monkey Games

  1. Lokochew
  2. Raiders of the lost Bark
  3. Monkey King of the Sky
  4. Bloons Supermonkey
  5. Spider Monkey

Most Played Monkey Games

  1. Unicorn 2048
  2. I Hate Candy Pony Mayhem
  3. Tracker Jungle Rescue
  4. Funny Zoo
  5. Bongo Balls

FAQ: What are Monkey Games

Monkey games are built on logical quests, which is very difficult to solve. The goal in every game is different. In some games you need to cheer up the main character, in others you have to jump from one branch to another and in third games, you need to feed a monkey. No matter of the goal in each individual game, the main goal is to have fun with your monkeys.


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Play Monkey Games for free at Online games are fun, especially if the main heroes are funny animals. And what animal is funnier than the monkey?

Yeap, it is officially true! There is no other animal that can make you laugh than the famous monkey. So if you like playing and laughing all the way, just play Monkeys, Monkey Stack, Monkey Mayhem, Perky Monkey and give your best.

Monkeys like to do their monkey business, but try not to care. This is what you wanna do and you know that you are the best in playing free online games. Do not let them fool you and win every single game that you can!

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