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Go Diego Go

Go Diego Go is an exellent game from the dora games series which can be played online at In this game, Diego an eight year old Latino action adventure hero has a goal and he works towards realizing his goal. His goal is to save and protect the environment. He is fearless and agile. He loves learning new things. He takes a scientific approach to problem solving and uses a variety of high tech gadgets and gizmos to save the day. Alicia is his sister who is very watchful. She warns him of the dangers lurking around via the video watch from her monitoring position at the Rescue center. Baby jaguar is another inmate of Diego. Click is a part animal locator and part telescopic camera. Click requests the viewers to play a sound matching game to locate the animal that has to be rescued. Rescue pack can change into anything that Diego needs. Flotation device to parasail rescue pack can be trusted to help Diego out of tricky situations. The Bobo brothers are a pair of truant playing monkeys. They love to trouble throughout the forest.

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