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Funny Zoo Game description

Funny Zoo is an online animal game that is free. Play Funny Zoo at In this Funny Zoo Animal Game - Youíve angered the monkey at the zoo and now itís a competition to see who and hit who the most! Take turns throwing stuff at each other and try to get more hits than him. Watch the health meters on top to see who is winning. Click on the boy and when the power meter is where you want it, release to throw. Keep an eye on the wind direction and speed. It will affect your shot.Play and have fun with Funny Zoo Animal Game!

Comment :
This is one crazy zoo! Here you not only look at the animals, but you interact with them as well. For instance, there are some cheeky monkeys who like to throw rocks at humans. You have decided to get back at them for their antics. Power up to throw your rock all the way into the monkey enclosure. Be careful to dodge the rocks coming back at you from the monkeyís side. Keep a cool head and strong arm. Soon youíll win the horse game Funny Zoo!

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