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Birds games will take you into the world of colorful birds, up in the sky or down on earth. Choose a game to your taste and have fun with all birds. Play multiplayer bird games or good old classics. Many time you will think that these bird games are super easy and that they are not worth playing. But, in fact, you will have to possess supernatural bird control skills to win a game.

Top Bird Games

  1. Funny Bees
  2. Penguin Diner
  3. Conquer Antarctica
  4. Caveman
  5. Snoring
  6. Airborne Kangaroo
  7. Flight of the Bee
  8. Angry Animals
  9. Swords and Souls
  10. Pigeons Revenge

Best Bird Games

  1. Flappy
  2. Fooix
  3. Monkey Adventure
  4. Moolga
  5. Cocomono

Most Played Bird Games

  1. Swords and Souls
  2. Angry Birds Rio
  3. Dino Soars
  4. Animal Dash
  5. Real Pokemon Trainer

FAQ: What are Bird Games

Birds games are a group of intense games in which you need some special skills. For example in Angry Birds games, you will help birds attack pigs hiding in their homes. The main goal of these games is to destroy all pigs in the level while spending the minimum number of shots. Then there is the flappy bird, which needs to fly through pipes and not get hurt. Help all our birds and have fun.


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Play horse games for free at And not only horse games, but also all kind of animal games, including pet, dog, fish and bird games.

Bird games have a special place for the players that love birds. We also are huge fans of birds, especially of the Angry Birds. That is why we have a small collection of the best Angry Birds. Some of these birds can fly and others cannot. However, they all have one thing in common, they all need your help to complete the mission they have.
Save the Chickens, Save the Birds, Learn to Fly and Across the Islands are going to be our suggestion to start the marathon of great bird games. Go for it.

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