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Go Wild Mission Wildnis

Go Wild Mission Wildnis

animal games
Go Wild Mission Wildnis is an animal adventures game with the Go Wild Team that are dedicated to all animals in the world. Chris and Martin are two brothers with an important animal mission: they travel around the world and save animals from approaching dangers. Today they are on many missions in which they will have to face all situations to protect the animals. The special feature of the game is that once they have unlocked the secret to the abilities of the animals, they can use these abilities even with their game. However, they simply cannot do it without your help, so join them through these adventures and complete all mission.

Use your mouse to run, fly, jump or swim, depending on the level you are playing or the requirements you have. Accept all three missions and become a brave rhino, then be a bat and at the end swim as a dolphin. In the first level you will have to click mouse button at the right moment and jump over obstacles. The bat flies up when you click and hold mouse button, but flies down as soon as you let go. The dolphin changes the direction of swimming with a click. Go Wild Mission Wildnis and have fun!


Go Wild Mission Wildnis

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