DinoZ is a fun game that you can play solo or with a friend. Dinosaurs became extinct many millions of years BC. We know about them only from books and textbooks. But in our time, science does not stand still and goes forward by leaps and bounds. One fine day, scientists were able to grow living dinosaurs from prehistoric remains. But during the experiments, something went wrong. Ancient reptiles escaped from a secret laboratory and took hostages with them. They hid in the forest and now live there. Two special forces rush to help, to avoid a catastrophe and a worldwide scandal. They know how to act in emergencies and will be able to cope with any mission.

In the DinoZ game, you can stand alone against dangerous dinosaurs, or you can get the help of a friend and play a two-player game. Your main task is to save scientists. You need to free them from the monsters and deliver them to a safe place. But it will not be so simple, because hungry and evil dinosaurs roam everywhere. You can destroy them with weapons or bombs. Use WASD keyboard keys to help the first player move around, while the arrow keys are to move the second player. F/ L keys are to hit/ shoot, W/ Up arrow to jump, while Q/ U are to switch a weapon, and G/ K keys are to slide on the wall. Look for burgers to eat and make up for lost health. Save all scientists and become a national hero! Enjoy playing DinoZ, and good luck!



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