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Oh, those cute little hamsters! They are always happy to play with us, so we have decided to make room for them here at No matter how busy you are, you always have to find time to play a hamster game, because they are one of the best games in the world.

Top Hamster Games

  1. Snail Bob 8
  2. Plumber Beeny Hamster
  3. Run Bamster Run
  4. Raccoon Racing
  5. Angry Animals
  6. Hamster Hotel
  7. Nutty Gomba
  8. Hamster Rollerball
  9. Peanut
  10. Frog Jump

Best Hamster Games

  1. Mole
  2. Fox Roll 2
  3. Rat Mobile
  4. Rat Maze
  5. Rat Fishing

Most Played Hamster Games

  1. Snail Bob 8
  2. Rat Maze
  3. Plumber Beeny Hamster
  4. Hamster Rollerball
  5. Flight of the Hamsters

FAQ: What are Hamster Games

Hamster games are fun and entertaining, specially designed for young players. This, however, does not mean that grown-ups will not enjoy playing the hamster rollerball or the hamster flight. Help Benny, the plumber, and all our other hamster friends and have endless fun!


Play Free Online hamster games on

Find the best free online Hamster Games at This is a site that provides you the hottest and the latest fun free online animal games. This also includes games with one of the most adorable pets on the planet. We have a special place for them because they are so sweet and honest that makes it hard to resist them. Let them roll, run and fly as best as they can. Hamster Rollerball, Run Bamster Run, and Flight of the Hamsters are few of the best hamster games. Try not to forget to play the most exciting, the most addictive and challenging hamster game Plumber Benny and help our hamster save the house. These are the games that will make you happy, now go for it!

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