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Cover Orange 3

Cover Orange 3

animal games
Cover Orange 3 is wonderful and full of fun game which can be played at horse-games.org. Can you cover the happy fruits and save them from the deadly rain It seems that its a very easy task, but you can fall into some serious problems. All you have to do is to use your mouse and click in order to make objects fall from the sky and make a shelter for the fruits. In the second you place the last object, the angry cloud will start its journey in attempt to destroy the delicious fruits. If just one fruit is not protected and a single drop touches it, the level will be failed and youll have to start from the beginning of that certain level. At the upper left corner of the screen are the objects that are at your disposal in order from the left to the right. A little bit lower, in the middle of the air is an imaginary line which prevents the objects from falling too soon. On the down side of the screen are several indicators, which you can select. For example you can turn onoff the music and sound, or to choose a sweet or an acid background, reset the level, choose another level or go to the main menu. Here you can also see the score, which is based on the time you spent for completing the level. As less time you need, as more points youll get. Now go, beat all 50 levels and protect the fruit!


Cover Orange 3

is one of our selected animal games which can be played for free at horse-games.org. It has been played 10478 times and has been rated from administrators of horse-games.org with 4.80 stars out of 5.

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