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Penguins can be only found in cold places and in a virtual world like This is a home for many penguins and you can visit them every day. Play our collection of penguin games for free and find joy in each one of them.

Top Penguin Games

  1. Iced Boom
  2. Penguin Diner
  3. Jumping Jelly Beans
  4. Antarctic Racer
  5. Conquer Antarctica
  6. Penguins Clash
  7. Ice Adventures
  8. Penguin Diner 2
  9. Penguin Cook Shop
  10. Penguin

Best Penguin Games

  1. Ice World
  2. Penguin Salvage
  3. Save the Penguin
  4. Cool West
  5. Penguin Overlords

Most Played Penguin Games

  1. Penguin Diner 2
  2. My Dolphin Show 8
  3. My Dolphin Show 6
  4. Penguin Diner
  5. Iced Boom

FAQ: What are Penguin Games

Penguin games are created for all boys and girls that love penguins and they are fun to play. Cooking is one of their favorite activities, so you can often see a penguin in the kitchen. Help penguins in love or to complete a match of volleyball. You will have a favorite penguin game, just find it and enjoy!


Play Free Online penguin games on

Welcome to the world of free online Penguin Games. The most popular and most interesting penguin games can be played by kids and adults at Penguin games are created for smart people, so you can feel free to play and enjoy the challenging strategy, cooking or physic adventures.

We add new penguin games every week but remember that only the bests of the best games are our choice. Help the Lonely Penguin reach the love of his life Kumba beat the Evil Penguin and then help another penguin Conquer Antarctica. Penguin Diner is a game that will keep you alert in days, while Iced Boom is an excellent time killing a physic based game.

Choose the one you like the most or even better- play them all and have fun all day long!

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