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Drago Adventure

Drago Adventure

animal games
Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a Dragon Kingdom filled with love and happiness. But, there is always someone who has to ruin the harmony and make others suffer. So, Zyron tried to destroy everything around him and somehow he did. He destroyed king Argons house and injured his lovely wife Serena really badly. Fortunately she managed to protect the egg of their unborn child. Now it is payback time and Ziron must pay for all that he has done. 16 years latter their son Drago was enjoying life and just playing around. But some creatures start roaming through the village and the Lake Forest. Guide Drago through the Dragon Kingdom maze and find out hidden messages and power-ups. Use the left and right arrow keys to move to the left and the right up arrow key or A button to jump, down arrow key to duck and S button to use power when available. Complete a level before the time runs out and collect gemstones to buy upgrades from the shop when you complete a level. At the beginning Drago has 9 lives and four hearts. A heart will be lost when you hit into a creature, but also if you fall into a hole. Drago Adventure will be an adventure that will keep you occupied for long, long time.


Drago Adventure

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Drago Adventure Walkthrough