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Dora the Explorer is a fantastic little girl which is an idol to many little girls around the world. She is cheerful, resourceful, energetic and loves to learn. Dora Games are educational and with her, in these games, everyone can learn! Dora the Explorer has to accomplish many different goals: to deliver orders, search for differences, ride a bike, celebrate Halloween, Catching stars... In all these adventures, Dora will need your help! Travel, discover new places and learn with Dora. All these funny adventures, and of course Dora the Explorer are waiting for you!

Top Dora Games

  1. Body Race
  2. Dora s Royal Rescue
  3. Dora and Unicorn
  4. Dora Saves the Snow Princess
  5. Go Diego Go
  6. Dora Saves The Farm
  7. Wheely 8 Aliens
  8. Doras Enchanted Forest Adventures
  9. Dora Playtime with the Twins
  10. Dora Purple Planet Adventure

Best Dora Games

  1. Dora Great Makeover
  2. Tale of the Unicorn King
  3. Doras Wonderful Wardrobe
  4. Dora Pegasus Adventure
  5. Dora The Barn Activities

Most Played Dora Games

  1. Dora and Unicorn
  2. Dora s Royal Rescue
  3. Dora Saves The Farm
  4. Tale of the Unicorn King
  5. Doras Enchanted Forest Adventures

FAQ: What are Dora Games

Playing Dora Games will allow you to meet so many new and interesting things in Dora`s travels! Therefore, cartoons and games with Dora the explorer are a great way to have a good time and fun.


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Almost every day you will get to see a brand new free online game, so do not go anywhere and play all day long. As you already know we are focused on delivering you only the best of the best.
Many people around the world already got the chance to meet Dora the Explorer. Dora is a fearless girl, who is always looking for adventure, she helps her friends and family, and most importantly, she knows the world. This is why Dora became the favorite character of many preschoolers.
The animated series and the Dora The Explorer games are not just ordinary sliding pictures, but a whole informative TV magazine. Dora, along with her good monkey friend, named Boots, helps the kids to learn numbers, letters, to advance their English and discover the world around us.
Do you like this interesting and intelligent girl that is always on the road Then you must know that with us, you are going to have the opportunity not only to watch the series with your favorite girl hero but to enjoy all of the Boots and Dora-s designs and games.
Playing games with Dora the Explorer will give you the chance to visit different parts of the world, you are going to help your favorite heroes at the farm, you are going to cook delicious food, you will play sports and improve your English.

Together with Dora, every lesson will be fun and most importantly, educative!
And who does not like Dora games! They are fun to play and educational too, so what`s more important than that Fun and knowledge in one place, at the same time! Dora Saves the Farm, she saves the Prince, the Snow, a true hero. Let`s not forget her friends Diego and Boots and play with them too, it is priceless. DododododoDora! Dora the Explorer!

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