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Drake and the Wizards

Drake and the Wizards

animal games
Once upon a time there was cute little dragon called Drake. In the middle of the Eildrim forest was a village, called Daruilay, in which villagers lived happily, but one day something terrible happened. Evil wizards threw a spell and turn all villagers into stones. Only Drake survived because at that moment he was out of Daruilay. The good wizard turned Drake into a powerful dragon and gave him super powers. Drake is now wondering and trying to find out where the evil wizard can be. He needs your help to move around the dangerous landscape and fighting against evil creatures. Drake must beat them all, so he can finally meet and fight the evil dragon.

Press left or right arrow keys or A or D keyboard keys to move to the left and right; X or L keys are to jump, fly and swim; Z or K keys are for a breathe of fire; down arrow or S key are to dive; and up arrow or W key are to enter doors. At the beginning you will get three lives, but if you find a heart bonus then you will be able to replace the lost life. Guide Drake through this brave adventure and release the villagers in Drake and the Wizards!


Drake and the Wizards

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