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Pick and Dig

Pick and Dig is the coolest free online game for all kids.Hey you little pink man, lets go pick and dig! In this magical mining land full of mysterious doors and paths, youll have to find a way out. There will be lots of digging and picking and youll have to use them wisely, because you can use a pick only once in one place. For an instance when you collect a ladder it can be placed only once in one place. To set the ladder press 1 or Z keys of your keyboard. Dig with a shove by pressing 2 or X keys. To break through a brick wall use a pick if you have collected one, by pressing 3 or C keys. Follow the number of the ladders, shoves and picks and multiply them if you can to make a longer ladder or use them in a combination. Dont think that you have reached the door when youre done. Sometimes youll have to take another path or solve a complex puzzle and thus the next door will be unlocked. At the beginning you cant climb up, which is such an annoying feeling. But, theres cure for that, all you need is to collect enough coins and purchase an upgrade for climbing, tenacity and a superman upgrade. Get all achievements, find all keys, collect all gems and coins and have the best time with the greatest platform puzzle game, Pick and Dig.

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