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Dinosaur Games

Big monsters from prehistoric times are right here in our section with dinosaur games. As you know, dinosaurs lived on earth millions of years ago, even before human existence. Today we have a chance to play with these animals virtually with help of the world wide web, so get prepared for the biggest dino challenges and win!

Top Dinosaur Games

  1. Adam and Eve 3
  2. Adam and Eve Golf
  3. Adam and Eve 2
  4. Drake and the Wizards
  5. Drake in Winterland Competition
  6. Adam and Eve 5 Part 1
  7. Adam and Eve 5 Part 2
  8. Adam and Eve Love Quest
  9. Dino Ball
  10. Dino Soars

Best Dinosaur Games

  1. Kids Puzzle Adventure
  2. Drake and the Wizards 2
  3. Dino Panic
  4. LA Rex

Most Played Dinosaur Games

  1. Dino Soars
  2. Dino Ball
  3. Adam and Eve 3
  4. Dino Panic
  5. Adam and Eve 2

What are Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur games are modern games designed in 2D or 3D styles, but the gameplay is usually way back in the past. However, in some games, you can run through cities or smash new cars. Get ready for a dinosaur battle or run for your life in some of the dinosaur games and have fun!


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Dinosaur games can be very fun to play. All boys and girls love these fantastic animals. The animations in these games are always great and their gameplay can be very entertaining.

Check out the best dinosaur games at and wait for new dinosaur games to come. Dino Ball, Dino Rush, and Dino Blitz are favorite, but Dino Panic is really one of a kind. No matter which dinosaur game you choose to play, you will not be wrong. Dinosaur games are the best.