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Dino Panic

Dino Panic

animal games
In Dino Panic you must not panic. These are very difficult times for the small tribe Kembular. The Red Dragon killed their leader Juju in the Lodestone Valley. Now Barog is the chosen one, not to fight the Red Dragon, but to find the ritual relic and return back for the wedding with the beautiful Jaja bride of Nibanisa tribe. He has only two hours, so he has to hurry up and come back on time. Help Barog on his quest and save the Kembular tribe of extinction. Barog will run automatically on his own, but you can accelerate or decrease his speed by using the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys. The more to the right side you run, the higher score you will get, but the risk of hitting an incoming obstacle is also bigger. As higher the speed limit is, as better the score will be, so keep your speed at the maximum and gather a chance for a good tick. Press W key, up arrow key or Space Bar to jump over obstacles and S key or down arrow to slide under them, because they will slow you down. Tora, the Pteranodon is your trusty sidekick. He moves in all directions, as you move your mouse and he can grab Barog for a limited time (by clicking mouse button when Barog jumps beneath Tora). Tora is the only one that can collect precious gemstones, so collect as much as possible, because they are essential for the score. Yeap, I know there are too many controls and too many rules to follow, but even beginners will quickly come into this challenging fast-paced game, so begin the Dino Panic adventure and win!


Dino Panic

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