Play Nerks, a fun online game and enjoy the gameplay! Inkly, Dinkly, Farky, Quarky, Wimbler, Nesbit and Snarky are only a few of the many little monsters that will make your day. Each one of them has its own story, but what you really need to know is that they will only match with their own kind. Use your mouse to click on a monster and make it move to its companion. If the way between them is free they will match and bring you points. However, the monsters can only move diagonally and up. New monsters will appear after every 4 moves. There will be many surprises and power-ups, such as Vertical Wipeout releasing all monsters above and below Color Bomb releasing all monsters of the same color that you matched X-Burst will take out another 4 monsters diagonally a Morphologic Demon Phage Apocalypse and many more. In each grid, you`ll have a chance to get one or two types of bonuses and you can shuffle the monsters only once per level. Fill the monster bar at the left side of the screen or accomplish other targets to complete different levels. Your perception skills have to be well developed, but after all, Nerks is just a wonderful game that will definitely bring you fun!



is one of our selected animal games which can be played for free at It has been rated from 753 visitors of with 4.70 stars out of 5.

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