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Pandas are big, but so cute black and white bears. Their black patches around the eyes and ears, their shyness and their belly will always make you smile and want to play with them. Pick up a panda game, any game, play it and have fun.

Top Panda Games

  1. 3 Pandas Japan
  2. Save the Animals
  3. Angry Gran Run Christmas Village
  4. 3 Pandas Brazil
  5. Kung Fu Rumble
  6. 3 Pandas 2
  7. Flying Panda
  8. 3 Pandas
  9. Crazy Koala
  10. Bear Adventure

Best Panda Games

  1. Bear Snowboard
  2. Samurai Panda
  3. Yummy Nuts 2
  4. Samurai Panda 2
  5. Ruthless Pandas

Most Played Panda Games

  1. Save the Animals
  2. Kung Fu Rumble
  3. 3 Pandas Brazil
  4. 3 Pandas in Fantasy
  5. 3 Pandas

FAQ: What are Panda Games

Panda games are one of a kind! Here you can play many panda games in which generally you need to help our panda friends reach a goal. There are three pandas that are very popular among our players, but they often travel from one to another place. Join them through their journeys and help them accomplish the mission. Play Kung Fu Panda, be a master samurai or go on a panda honey adventure.


Play Free Online panda games on offers you the best panda games for free. These online games are so fun to play and addictive at the same time that it is hard to get rid of them. However, why should you anyway get rid of something that is entreating and fun to play. After all, pandas are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, known as a natural treasure in China. That is exactly why Samurai Panda is one of the most popular panda online games out there. Panfu Balloons is a cute balloon game about a baby panda, while 3 Pandas is a great opportunity to play an awesome physic based game. Play them all and find your favorite.

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