Horse Games Online

Snail Quest

Welcome to Snail Quest, a fun free online puzzle game! Are you capable of solving these challenging 33 levels in Snail Quest I mean to solve them all by yourself! No help and no walkthroughs are allowed. Let that be our challenge. All you need to know are the rules of the game. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the snail in all directions. Shells can be pushed by the snail and holes must be filled with shells in order to make a path. Make a plan which shell youll move and which hole will be filled, so as the snail can reach his favorite food, the delicious leaf. Be fast because each remained second will be multiplied with 5. Solve the quest in fewer attempts as possible, because each attempt will cost you 50 points. Follow the rules, complete all levels and make a best total score in Snail Quest.

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