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Flip and Go

Flip and Go

animal games
Oh those yummy candies! Even an alien cant resist them. So it happened to our hero, a cute little alien that was on his way to his beloved. But as he saw the candies he knew that it is impossible not to bring his darling three of them in each level. So, you need to use the arrow keys of your keyboard and guide our hero to the love of his life and collect all three candies in the fastest time possible. Press left and right arrow keys to move to the left and right up arrow key is to jump and down arrow is to sit next to his girlfriend. This is a strange place so you can flip the world, simply by pressing Z, X or C key. On the opposite side is your reflection, which in fact shows you where you will be after the flip. If your reflection is colored red it means that its impossible to flip the world. So move a little bit to the left or right or jump and press one of the flip keys at the same time. Dark platforms dont flip, while fragile boxes can be moved and help you reach difficult places. In the higher levels youll have to unlock doors and even walk together with your girlfriend. Complete all three chapters and get a bunch of candies for your sweetheart!


Flip and Go

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