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Famous Pony
Famous Pony is an awesome POny dressup Game that can be played online at horse-games.org. Lets go on a pony dress up adventure and spend some fun time! This is a famous pony and today its posing just for you. So, take the advantage and go in the world of pony fashion. Here youll find many accessories and other cool stuff to make this famous pony even more beautiful than it was at the beginning. Use your mouse to click on the icons on the left and right hand side of the screen to choose one of the many options. At the left side of the game screen are the icons with which you can change the mane and tail, than the color of the hooves, the feathers, the coat color and the background. At the right hand side youll find more options and they are for changing the color of the eyes, a horn, accessories for the hooves, saddles and wings, and tattoos. Once you have chose one of these items you must go on the bar at the bottom of the game screen and click your favorite color or item. In some there is an option to leave the pony without lets say a horn, hoof accessories, saddle or a tattoo. Just click the delete icon at the right lower corner of the screen. Soft, relaxing music will follow you all the way through this incredible journey. Play the best Pony Dress Up Game and have fun!


Famous Pony

is one of our selected horse dress up games which can be played for free at horse-games.org. It has been played 19959 times and has been rated from administrators of horse-games.org with 4.60 stars out of 5.

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