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Do you think that cats are not able to get along in the same house with dogs? Anyone who has kitties and puppies in the same apartment will even laugh in response to such a question. Of course, they get along! Yes, they make friends so that you can only envy. Find interesting games with cats and dogs together and have fun!

Top Kitty Games

  1. Strike Force Kitty
  2. Cute Cat Hospital
  3. Flying Cat
  4. Normal Cat
  5. Merge Cannon Chicken Defense
  6. Kitten Maker
  7. Little Cat Doctor
  8. My Sweet Dog
  9. Cats vs Unicorns
  10. Cat Simulator Kitty Craft

Best Kitty Games

  1. Blonde Princess Kitty Rescue
  2. Happy Kittens
  3. Jump Kitty
  4. Super Raccoon World
  5. Kitty Grooming Salon

Most Played Kitty Games

  1. Kitten Maker
  2. Strike Force Kitty
  3. Cat Simulator Kitty Craft
  4. Bazookitty
  5. Strikeforce Kitty Last Stand

FAQ: What are Kitty Games

Kitty games are created for all players that love cute kittens. No matter of your age and gender, you are all welcome to play the best free online games in the kitty section. Hello Kitty is our favorite character, and here you can spend hours of fun and entertainment with the cutest kitty in the world.


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If you are ready to play with domestic animals 24 hours a day, then you will like to be here! After all, we have collected here all the best kitty games that we could find on the net. New kitty games will quickly fill the lack of communication with these beautiful animals. Do not forget that these kitty games are also a great way to learn how to care for your pet correctly!

It is generally accepted that cats, unlike dogs, are not devoted to their owners and become attached more to the house than to its inhabitants but many cases prove the opposite. Probably, anyone who has ever had a cat can bring a lot of denials from their own life experience! And the kitty games show how smart and devoted these creatures are.

Cats know how to feel love and respond the same. Some people still believe that at least cats came to us from another planet. That is why they often become a subject of a book, cartoon, or game about cats. In principle, these doubts can be understood! After all, we have all heard the phrase that a cat has nine lives.

Play the newest kitty games and find out the real joy with these beautiful pets.

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