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Frozen games are one of the best and most popular games among girls. In these games, you can play with your favorite princess Elsa and all her friends. Her sister Anna is usually always with her, but so is her best friend Olaf. Sometimes they play together and enjoy every minute, but sometimes they are rivals.

Top Frozen Games

  1. Frozen Couple Cowboy Style
  2. Frozen Family Go To College
  3. Frozen Rush
  4. Fashion Mix
  5. Stickman Boost 2
  6. Elsa Break Up Drama
  7. Anna and Elsa Halloween Night
  8. Year Round Fashionista Elsa
  9. Elsa Wedding
  10. Elsa in NYC

Best Frozen Games

  1. Annas Royal Horse Caring
  2. Now and then Anna Sixteen Party
  3. Tiana Back To School
  4. Back to School Princess Rush
  5. Frozen Double Trouble

Most Played Frozen Games

  1. Elsa Equitation Contest
  2. Annas Royal Horse Caring
  3. Elsa at the Zoo
  4. Elsa Hospital Recovery
  5. Frozen Coloring Book

FAQ: What are Frozen Games

Help Frozen through various challenging games from simple dress ups to Frozen double trouble. Sometimes you have to be part of a Frozen rush, while other times you have to give the baby Elsa a great makeover. All Frozen games will cheer up every girl, so be part of the Frozen gang and have fun


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The Disney company makes great movies, no doubt. But by making Frozen, they have outdone themselves. This cartoon not only broke almost all records for fees and earned an Oscar but also stole the hearts of many children around the world. Thanks to these indicators, we have every right to expect the continuation of a sequel, but until it comes out, you can start playing Frozen online games for girls and boys posted on our portal. We have collected the best walk, dress up and arcade with Anna, Elsa, Hans, and other famous characters of this cartoon!

Frozen is a story about two sisters, Elsa and Anna, that love each other very much and play together every day.

Elsa, the older sister, has superpowers. She can freeze things, make it snow, crystalize objects, and more. Their mother and father are the king and queen of Arendelle. While Elsa and Anna are little girls, they spend every hour together, playing and bonding. But, one day, while everyone else is asleep, Anna begs Elsa to "do the magic." Elsa, being a good sister, takes Anna to the big ballroom and freezes everything, making it look like it`s winter. She even builds a snowman named Olaf. Anna enjoys herself very much and is appreciating what her sister does for her. But, accidents happen, and Elsa, unfortunately, hits Anna with a big ball of snow, making her faint. She starts screaming for help, and their parents show up.

They take Anna to the trolls, who know all about Elsa`s powers and how they work. They tell them that they were lucky she hit her head and not her heart, because a frozen heart means death. From that day, Elsa and Anna`s parents forbid any interaction between them. Six years later, their mom and dad go on a boat ride, and unfortunately, they have a boat crash and don`t make it out alive. The girls are heartbroken, and Anna wants to reconnect with her sister, but Elsa is too afraid she will harm her again. As the oldest child, it`s Elsa`s turn to rule the kingdom, and even though she doesn`t want to, she simply has to. On the coronation day, Elsa is very nervous, but Anna is so excited that she will see a lot of people for the first time since the gates have been closed ever since they found out about Elsa`s powers. The night of the party, Anna meets a handsome prince named Hans and she falls in love with him right after. They have so much fun that night that he proposes to her.

Anna said yes and went straight to Elsa to ask for her blessing and when Elsa says no, Anna gets upset and angry, and awakes the beast in Elsa, making her freeze a part of the room. Everyone is frightened by their new queen. Right after that, Elsa runs away, after making it snow and freezing the ground. Everyone is shocked, and Anna decides to go after her. Along the way, she meets a guy named Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. She asks for their company because she doesn`t know the way to the top of the mountain where Elsa went. Kristoff agrees to help her, even though they don`t get along very well.

They arrive at the new kingdom Elsa has made, entirely out of ice, and Anna goes in to talk to Elsa. They have an intense talk, and Elsa hits Anna`s heart with snow. After that, Kristoff and Anna go to the trolls again, seeking their advice, and they tell them that only a true love`s kiss may heal Anna. Kristoff takes Anna back home as fast as he can so that she will kiss Hans. They arrive at Arandelle, and everyone leaves Anna and Hans alone in a room. Anna is very cold and at the edge of death, and the only thing that can save her is a true love`s kiss. She tells Hans everything, but he refuses to kiss her, exposing his true self. He said to her that he found her easier to fool, and he only saw her as a way of winning the throne.

Anna was even more heartbroken and sad, but she didn`t give up. After Hans left, she managed to get up and look for Kristoff, who secretly loved her. She saw him outside, and while running into his arms, she froze. Kristoff started crying, but all of a sudden, Elsa appeared. Anna was frozen, and everyone thought they lost her. But Elsa hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. Moments after that, the ice from Anna`s body started melting, and she came back to life. Everyone was happy, mostly Elsa. They hugged tight, and Elsa made summer come again. Hans went to jail, Elsa and Anna made up, and Anna and Kristoff started dating. Everyone lived happily ever after! Well, after you watch the movie, you can start playing the Frozen games. A ton of games was released based on this full-length animated film. And we have posted on this page both official games and those that fans made! has the biggest collection of totally free frozen games. You can play the best and most popular games with the most popular Disney characters: Frozen Anna, Frozen Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, horse Sitron and others.

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