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The Best Dolphin Games

Get prepared and unleash your creativity with our great list of dolphin games! Play with cutest virtual dolphins and make the highest score. Help your dolphins and do everything to please the crowd. With the money you earn, in these dolphin games, you can buy new outfits and even new characters that you will enjoy playing with them. Pass level by level and try to get more stars. Try to perform tricks from the first time, because the audience loves great performances, they came to see the show, not the circus. Good luck!

Top Dolphin Games

  1. My Dolphin Show 5
  2. My Dolphin Show 1
  3. Fat Shark
  4. Dolphin Olympics 2
  5. My Dolphin Show 6
  6. My Dolphin Show 7
  7. Dolphin Diving
  8. My Dolphin Show 8
  9. Dolphin Show
  10. Splishy Fish

Best Dolphin Games

  1. Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour
  2. Princess Elsa Dolphin Show
  3. Dolphin Olympics
  4. Sea Dolphin Rescue
  5. Typing Tidepool

Most Played Dolphin Games

  1. My Dolphin Show 8
  2. My Dolphin Show 5
  3. My Dolphin Show 6
  4. Dolphin Olympics 2
  5. Princess Elsa Dolphin Show

FAQ: What are Dolphin Games

Dolphin games are games in which the main character is a dolphin. Right next to the dolphin must be a trainer, so that will be your role. Play My Dolphin Show, join Princess Elsa Dolphin Show and go to the Dolphin Olympics.


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Look no further! You have found the best dolphin games on the net. Here you can play all My Dolphin Show games and many other popular and not so popular games. Generally, all dolphins like to swim and perform tricks. Thus, the main goal in most of the dolphin games is to perform a trick and earn points. The crowd will be fascinated and so will you.

These extraordinary animals are brilliant and altruistic animals. Dolphins are known to help injured individuals, even helping them to the surface to breath. Find out the most incredible dolphin games and fall in love instantly. Where dolphins are, there is the fun, too!

Dolphin games will allow you to feel like a trainer of such beautiful creatures as dolphins. Play with the smartest dolphins who have already been trained. You will be in the role of a trainer who can do everything so that the dolphin will do a unique trick and get the most fantastic applause and a good reward. Each dolphin can perform more than two dozen tricks, for example: jumping over a hoop and a barrier, splashing spectators, jumping over rings that will hang in the air, scoring a football goal into the goal, collecting coins and many more other tricks that you can see while playing into these great games.

So, dear kids, start training your dolphins right now and in return get a sea of positive emotions! Love dolphins and they will always love you back.

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