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The Pirate Fairy Crockys Chompin Rescue

The Pirate Fairy Crockys Chompin Rescue

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The Pirate Fairy Crockys Chompin Rescue is an pirate adventurous game in which you need to help Crocky accomplish his mission and save all the fairies. Zarina is a fairy tale and she is very curious. She went to a pirate ship to explore, but the pirates captured her. Tinker Bell and her friends went to save her, but they also did not have luck and got captured by the pirates. Now it`s your turn to go and help Crocky save all fairies. Your job is to find all hidden keys and rescue all fairies from the pirate ship.

Press left and right arrow keys to move to the left and right; up arrow key to jump; and Space Bar or if you are playing on your mobile device hit the fairy icon to break boxes or use a fairy tale talent and thus clear an obstacle. Avoid the enemies or distract them with the help of a fairy. There are six levels in this pirate ship and each level gets more difficult to be complete, but with Crocky and you nothing is impossible.

Try to get all achievements and ear the highest score possible. Earn three stars in all 6 levels, complete level without getting hurt or complete it in the fastest time possible. Find the hidden clocks and save your time. Good luck and have fun with The Pirate Fairy Crockys Chompin Rescue!


The Pirate Fairy Crockys Chompin Rescue

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