How to Ride My Horse with a Bitless Bridle

How to Ride My Horse with a Bitless Bridle


I was looking into doing some bitless with my mare however my knowledge with bitless is very limited as have never really looked into it before! Was wondering what bridles people would recommend? Would mainly just be for hacking which she`s quite chilled with. Have ridden her in a head collar before and she`s been fine! Thanks.

If shes quite chill and easy to control maybe a bosal?

Take her out on a long back with just head Coller x.

We use a side cue from transcend.

You can buy shanks, in a variety of styles separately, and use them on an existing bridle if you decide that bitless is the way to go then there are lots of specialized bridles out there. I just use regular headstalls for mine.

I have a few different kinds but I trained my horses bitless with rope halters

A side pull is usually the go-to beginner bitless. A head collar is not something I would recommend, as it easily slides around and confuses the horse. A hackamore is also a great alternative if you have a gentle hand and your horse is comfortable with it. I use it on my fjord, both for dressage and jumping, but some horses don`t like that form of pressure on their nose.
If you`re looking for a softer hackamore, there`s also a flower hackamore. Here you can control how “sharp” it is, depending on where you place the reins. .
Then there is, of course, a rope halter. Very easy to use, and most horses like it, since the knots on it sits very precise. .
When you and your horse have gotten used to riding bitless, you can try in a cordeo! I wouldn`t recommend this if you`re not used to bitless though. .
I hope this helped you out a bit, I`m sorry if my English isn`t that good, it`s not my first language😁 But the most important thing is to have fun!

We use a dr cooks bitless. Twiz loves it! Took some transition but now she hates the bit. She jumps and games in it!

All of my horses are bit free. If you have a good trusting relationship with your horse give it a try in a round pen.


How to Ride My Horse with a Bitless Bridle

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