The New Starter Horse

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The new and improved Jorvik Warmblood

The very first horse you ride in Star Stable is a very important part of your gaming experience. Since we`re continuously developing Star Stable, this of course means that our lovely horses need to be kept up to date!

Today your Jorvik Warmblood, your very first horse will get a brand new look with new animations and updated coat colors! This update is free and all you need to do is log in to the game and start exploring Jorvik along with your buddy.

Would you like to change your starter horse?

You now have the chance to change the coat color of your starter horse for free! Click on the notice board in your home stable and pick “Starter Horse Appearance” to once again choose a coat for your horse. You get one free appearance change, and if you want to change your horse again after that you can do so for 299 Star Coins.

Even if you have previously changed your starter horse appearance, you will still get the opportunity to do it once more for free.

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