Horse is not a Toy - Carousel in China slammed for using real horses

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The visitors of Shunagliu Wanda Plaza shopping center in the city of Chengdu witnessed one unusual event. Four living horses were attached to metal frames and forced to walk around on a motor-driven platform in order to entertain kids.

This event caused many people to express their opinion, and most of the comments weren`t supportive or nice at all. People were saying that horses aren`t toys and they shouldn`t be played with, and that is very inhumane of the people to push the animals into doing something just so they can earn some money. In their defense, the organizers of this event claimed that if parents want their kids to have the full experience of horse riding they should use real horses for that goal.

Also they said that it makes the kids braver. Some managers told the media that this “exercise” trains the horses and it is not a harm to them in any way, but the negative comments continued and people said things such as: "If it was my horse, I would never do this!" and "If you want to ride a horse, you can go to a professional riding stable.

The horse is not a toy. This is too inhuman.".

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