Ultimate Guide For Your Pony - The Miniature Horse!

14th November, 2018 820
Ever heard of miniature horses? Well, yes, they do exist. In fact, nations like Europe and America boast of these horses. Basically, these horses have been designated as miniature horses because of their height. When measured up to the last hairs of the mane, they come less than 34 to 38 inches. These horses are the size of a pony but still are registered as horses only. Also, they show the same characteristics as horses.

The best part about these horses is that they are extremely friendly. Perhaps this is one reason that accounts for the fact that people choose them as house pets. Interestingly, miniature horses are also used as service animals. This means that they are used to provide assistance to disabled people. These horses can be trained to work both indoors as well as outdoors. Only, if you are using them for outdoor work, make sure they are healthy enough and have proper shelter to live in. they have a nice, life span. At an average, these horses live for 25 to 30 years.

The breed of miniature horses was developed from different sources. Mainly, pony breeds were bred to attain these horses of small stature. However, they are often confused with ponies. In fact, there has been a debate regarding the characteristics of the miniature horse. Although all members belonging to the family of Equus Caballus that are under 58 in150 cm are termed as ponies, there are many different breeds that retain the horse phenotype and are thus classified as horses only.

There are certain standards of miniature horse breeds that prefer pony characteristics. This includes short and stout legs with torsos that are elongated. On the other hand, there are other standards that require horse characteristics. Many may not know this, but even the name given to them is a cause of debate. Midget Pony and Pygmy Horse are the two most controversial terms used to address these horses. A breed-specific name of the miniature horse is Falabella.

Another topic of concern for these horses is dwarfism. Yes, dwarfism occurs in horses too and is quite prevalent in miniature horses. The dwarf horses are not really desirable in the miniature horse world. They generally have confirmation that is incorrect. Not only this, they are sometimes even known to have health-related issues. This is the reason that horse registries do not accept miniature horses affected by dwarfism.

Although miniature horses are used as assistance horses for serving the blind, this matter is bred a lot of controversies. People who favor this argument state that horses can be trained to perform tasks similar to dogs. What is more, the former outlives the latter by a lot many years. The ones who do not support this motion point out that these horses are basically prey animals and thus should not be used for these purposes. For practical considerations, it has even been noted that horses cannot lie down and sit in the back seat of cabs.

The Miniature Horse

The Miniature Horse - The pony is the most interesting type of horse there is. It is probably the best gift there is for a child. Funnily even adults might want one but they are ashamed to admit it. But the fact remains everyone loves ponies.

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