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American Quarter Horse

The Standard Horse Breed – The American Quarter Horse

The first breed of mare native to the United States is the American Quarter Horse. This particular breed namely the American Quarter Horse evolved from the Arab, Turk and the Barb breeds. The animals brought to colonial America from the United Kingdom were crossed to get the desired traits. With the purposeful crossing of the selected stallions and mares a compact, violently muscular charger was evolved which successfully met the passion of horse racing for the colonists.

Correctly named the Celebrated American Running Horse this particular variety is able to outperform all the other breeds when it comes to running over distances. In the year 1940 a registry was created to continue the breeding of the American Quarter Horse and now it is the official animal of the American Quarter Horse Association. The earliest horse racings using the American Quarter Horse date back to the 1674 in Enrico County, in the sate of Virginia. Racing back then was done down the village streets and county lanes. Large prizes were usually offered to the winner.

The American Quarter Horse is popular for its calm disposition and bright reaction time. As a pony it became famous as it could literally outmaneuver the cattle. With a large amount of cattle ranches being available at the disposition of land owners in continental U.S. the breed caught the fancy of many cattle ranchers.
Some of the noteworthy features of this particular breed of horse are that it is a great sprinter. With heavy muscling the American Quarter Horse can compete in any form of recreational and sport activity designed specifically for horse. It outperforms every other breed of horse when it comes to rodeo dealings, barrel racing, calf roping, dressage and show jumping. Truly the American Quarter Horse is the most versatile breed of horse in the entire world. The American Quarter Horses are a pleasure to mount as well and makes up for the American past time of recreational riding.

The American Quarter Horse Association has laid down some strict guidelines for registering a new American Quarter Horse. These are as follows. • Limited pallid markings on the face and below the knee. Only 13 accepted colors are there. These are bay, black, sorrel, skin, chocolate, dun, chestnut, palomino, grullo, older, red dun, red roan and desolate roan.
• The offspring must be produced from a registered American Quarter Horse dam and sire.
The other notable characteristics of the American Quarter Horse are its rapidity, versatility, gentle life, cow sensation and heavy muscling. All these desirable features make the American Quarter Horse the most enjoyable stallion breed around the world today. With the ability to spring an extensive scope of heights the American Quarter Horse doubles up as the fussy little children’s hunter as well. When you own an American Quarter Horse you are actually free from all concerns because what ever might be the discipline or the journey you are undertaking you mount will come out with flying colors.

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