How Much do You know About Horses and Ponies. The Answer is Here!

14th November, 2018 847
Horses and ponies riding tips are necessary before you start your career as a horse rider. You have to learn the techniques of grooming horses. You should be able to differentiate between a sick and a healthy horse. You have to call a vet when the horse is sick. You have to read a lot about horses their sickness, health, injuries and lameness.

You ought to master the various skills, theories, and methods for training a horse or pony. The equine body language, herd dynamics, psychology are very important issues before you start the training schedule.

If you are keen to adopt a horse, there are many adoption agencies, auctions from where you can adopt one. Study about the various breeds of horses and ponies all over the world. There are many horse associations like local pony clubs, national and international horse associations. You will find a group who will appreciate your interest in horses and ponies.

Do you know that there are many societies dedicated to the welfare of horses and ponies? One of them is the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies that has run a horse hospital for over a period of 30 years. They admit sick and injured or abused animals and nurse them back to their previous condition. There are 30-40 horses at the same time at the Horse Hospital. The animals do not leave once they have recovered. They are not sold out instead they enter a loan scheme of theirs and they are sent to homes according to their age, abilities and fitness levels. Adoptions homes are under constant surveillance. SWHP has more than 250 horses and ponies and they have a large variety from racehorses to Shires and Shetland ponies.

The horse hospital near to Monmouth has 37 acres of grazing area. 18 stables that are individual ones. There is a special care unit for weak animals who need help to get to their feet. They are cared for with slings. They respond quickly to emergency situations involving horses and ponies.

If you are a horse owner then what is your type? Do you only want to molly-coddle your horse or you want to make it tough and strong? You can be either of the two. You should know that at the beginning of any riding session it is crucial that you spend some time doing warm-up exercises. This has to be followed by a cool down at the end of it.

As a horse lover, you have to know about horse nutrition also. As the summer grass starts vanishing, you have to stack hay of good quality. The veteran horses have to feed in such a way that their intake of fiber remains high. You must give a Snowball surprise to your horse on Christmas when everyone in the family is receiving gifts. Your horse will be able to fathom your love for him. The great idea isn`t it? Do it and see how the horse expresses his gratitude towards you.

How much we know about horses

How much we know about horses - Horses and ponies riding tips are necessary before you start your career as a horse rider. You have to learn the techniques of grooming horses.

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