Groom Your Horse - 5 Awesome Grooming Tips!

14th November, 2018 2067
Horses make a great companion. Today they are usually a symbol for the rich and famous and mostly for leisure riding. But obviously with such a huge animal comes huge responsibilities as well. Your horse will love the sight of corn. Corn is one of the favorite foods of horses and also very nutritious. Corn is a healthy source of all the basic nutrients that a horse or pony should have. The cost of corn is not very high and hence a very affordable diet for a horse. The horse can be fed whole corn kernels and that will fill his stomach as well as give it a healthy diet. When corn is fed to the horse you should check of the teeth of the horse are floated correctly. If they are not then the corn will not be chewed by the horse and can cause colic pains. Let us see the various nutritional facts about corn and how it can help horses.

Corn has a huge amount of minerals in it. The minerals present in corn are phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and manganese. These minerals are required for the healthy growth of a pony to become a full grown horse. Some very minor quantities of sodium, sulphur, and selenium are also present in corn and can be very helpful for the horse. The organs of the horse need to function well for the horse to be healthy and minerals like phosphorus will enable the smooth functioning of the organs.

Corn has 3.6 percent of fat in it. This fat, when consumed by the horse through corn kernels, will help improve the energy levels in the horse. The skin and the coat of the horse will also improve and hence help him glow better. The fat will be utilized by the horse very easily and hence the correct quantity of fat should be consumed by the equine regularly.

Proteins are another essential element which the horse needs and will get a fair share from corn. The protein content in corn may be low but if teamed with oats then the horse will get his rightful share of proteins every day.

The vitamins which are required by a horse to be healthy are vitamin B and pantothenic acid. Vitamin B is required to keep the nervous system moving correctly inside the horse and the pantothenic acid is required to break down the carbohydrates and fats which will turn into energy. Corn will provide both these vitamins in the right quantities to a horse and hence keep it going well.

The carbohydrate content in corn is just right for a pony or horse. The horse needs to consume the right quantity of carbohydrates which will break down to give energy and stamina. This will be useful for the healthy movement and activities of the horse. There are many other food products which will give carbohydrates to the horse but corn will always be on the top of the list.

The food which the horse eats will always show on the horse`s body and behavior. Season-wise the food quantity and quality should change. This will ensure a long life for the hose and hence keep it healthy all its life.

Groom your Horse

Groom your Horse - Horses make a great companion. Meant usually nowadays as a status symbol for the rich and famous and mostly for leisure riding, spending time with your horse is generally a good past time. But obviously with such a huge animal comes huge responsibilities as well.

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