8 Great Tips On Buying Horses And Pony (That Must Know!)

14th November, 2018 2037
A horse is an exquisite and handsome looking animal. When people own horses, they need to keep them well. Grooming of the horse can be done daily, and if the owner has many horses grooming can be done at regular intervals of time. If the horse is cleaned and groomed regularly, then it can stay healthy and look better always. The coat of the horse can look attractive and shiny when it is combed and cleaned with the correct combs and accessories. Let us see the process of grooming the horse in the right way.

Most often we use the currycomb in cleaning the coat of the horse. It is made of small plastic teeth or soft rubber teeth, and it is used in entangling the hair and removing the dirt from the horse. The curry or the curry comb will also massage the skin of the horse and hence enable the hair of the horse to glow. Another brush involved in this process is the Dandy brush. This one is used in cleaning the curry comb of the dirt from the horse`s body. The bristles of this brush are hard and will remove all hair and dirt stuck in it.

The Body brush is the next brush which is used in combing the hair of the horse. That is a soft brush but has finer bristles. It will remove all the small dirt and dust particles on the horse`s coat. It is more like the hairbrush which we use. It will comb out all the dirt which is in fine particles. The next step is using a towel. The towel is made of terry cloth which is used in wiping the horse of any remainder hair dirt and smoothen the hair. The horse is rubbed with this towel.

Brush for the mane or tail is used next. These are wide toothed combs which are used in combing the mane of the horse or the long tail. It will remove the tangles in the hair and keep the hair from getting knotted. You can also use your fingers when the hair is thin.

The hoofs and the toes of the horse need to be cleaned as well. There are special tools which will remove the dirt and stones stuck in the hoofs. When grooming of the hoofs is done, the owner will also get to know if there are any injuries or damages to the toes and hoofs. Special care is taken of the hoofs and seen to it that nails in the horseshoes are tight and don`t hurt the horse.

Special grooming tools are used during different seasons, and especially during winter the hair fall increases in horses and the old hair is removed with the help of these tools. Summer times pests and insects will sit on the horses and might cause blisters. Special tools used during summer will remove all pests. There are sprays which are used to spray on the horse. Groom the horse daily and keep it healthy.

Great tips on buying Horses

Great tips on buying Horses - Are you planning to present a horse or pony to your kid? Well, it is really important for you to decide which horse or pony is suitable for your family.

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