Feed your Horses the Right Food - Facts That You Must Know!

15th November, 2018 2110
Horses make a great companion. Meant usually nowadays as a status symbol for the rich and famous and mostly for leisure riding, spending time with your horse is generally a good past time. But obviously with such a huge animal comes huge responsibilities as well. A very demanding animal, caring and grooming of the creature generally involves rustling up all the information about the various diseases and the numerous do`s and don`ts. Attending to your Equines general health, appearance and fitness is a must for the horse owner. With undivided care and attention, a bond develops between the horse and the owner which lasts a lifetime. To ride away into glory with your horse, there are a few basic points that have to be kept in mind.
This is an overview of a few basic requirements that you have to keep in mind while grooming your horse.

Now grooming is important as it keeps your horse healthy. By grooming one can inspect their horse up close for any injuries. Grooming is the best possible way to bond with your horse and it is essential to check for sand and gravel between the saddle and their back before riding because they can cause painful sores. The rubber curry comb, hoof pick, tail comb stiff body brush, mane, and fine finishing brush and soft cloths are the few necessary types of equipment required for that perfect grooming. Always make sure that the equine is securely tied before starting off with the grooming session. The knot essentially should be a quick release one in case of trouble when the animal needs to be let loose quickly.

The first step is to lift up each hoof and pick out any dirt or manure that might be stuck to the sole of the foot. Always remember that standing on three legs is unnatural so make sure that you do the hoof cleaning with utmost care and talking to the animal in a gentle voice is essential. Problems regarding hoof cracks and fitting of the shoe should never be neglected. The curry comb is for dusting the horse coat. A shiny coat adds sheen to the animal but remember that a curry comb can be irritating to horses sensitive and the bony areas.

Then mane and the tail brush are used to remove dirt or tangles from the mane and tail hair. A grooming spray can also be used which helps with the clearing up of the tangles. It is advisable to stay at the side of the animal at all points to avoid the risk of getting kicked if the animal gets frustrated. A good brushing of the entire body with the soft body brush will help in clearing out all the dirt, dust and dandruff. The soft body brush also helps in the removal of all the finer dust particles too. By using a rag the horse`s ears and nose should be wiped gently and application of hoof ointment is required to keep them shiny and healthy.

Keep your horse healthy and clean by starting off with the grooming session today. Show that you care and the magnificent animal will be loyal to you forever.

Feed Your Horse the Right Food

Feed Your Horse the Right Food - Feed your Horses the Right Food Your horse will love the sight of corn. Corn is one of the favorite foods of horses and also very nutritious. Corn is a healthy source of all the basic nutrients that a horse or pony should have.

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