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As it has already been revealed from the title, the fear of horses is called equinophobia. Most of the creatures, such as humans, are instinctually afraid of larger, more powerful creatures. This is true even for riders, and many of us are struggling with smaller or larger fears.

The man has been attracted to horses for thousands of years. In the beginning, we used them for work, but today we are keeping a lot of them for pleasure riding. They are beautiful, strong and fast. The idea of a man riding a horse on the beach in the sunset is a symbol of freedom and peace. Such a scene fills our hearts with warmth.

In reality, however, most people are afraid of horses. Fear of horses is a completely natural thing and there is no shame in it. But maybe we can figure out who is afraid of exactly what? Everyone says first that they are afraid of injuries or accidents. Unfortunately, horse racing is indeed very dangerous and can often cause injuries.

A sad example of this is Christopher Reeve, the case of Superman, who was injured by a horseman during a race because of the hunt for a triple jumping third element, and Reeve suffered a vertebral fracture due to the fall, thus paralyzing the neck.

Another example is The Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, in which a little girl was injured during a horse ride. Therefore some of the fears are developed by movies, novels, unpleasant experiences with the media and of course the fact that most people do not know horses. They do not know exactly what they can expect. They see a huge muscle mass, speed, strength, and unpredictability. People, who live among horses since childhood, learn the language of horses, how to handle them and how to behave with them.

But can you approach the horse with confidence, or would you like to take this ride with a teacher? The most important thing is to get to know the horses in theory and practice is with a help of a teacher and trainer who is well-trained, knows the body language of horses and people, and he or she can perceive any tensions, but perhaps even more importantly, you must practice with horses that are patient, experienced and helpful. Not all horses are fit for this task. Those who want to overcome their fears need to learn to use their own body as described above, to acquire appropriate breathing techniques and spend a lot of time between trusted, calm horses.

If someone is afraid of horses, there is usually a panic-feeling when they are close to horses. The horse, an emotional animal, constantly monitors its environment and understands the smallest energy change. Therefore, if a man is afraid, then the horse will perceive one thing, that he must escape. If the horse goes into an escape state, it usually does not care about anything else, just to run away. In that case, if you are scared, then, unfortunately, the horse gets stronger in the sense that danger is approaching, so you would like to escape even more. You can overcome this fear.

There is no need for anything other than just a few horses that have a good nervous system and have been trained properly. For example, horses trained for riding therapy are ideal to overcome your equinophobia. With gradual, well-structured practice, with lots of patience, with proper methodology and attention, the company of horses becomes pleasant to anyone after a while. When fear and anxiety are dissolved, then happiness and safety with horses will be joyful and safe.

Equinophobia Fear of Horses

Equinophobia Fear of Horses - The man has been attracted to horses for thousands of years. In the beginning, we used them for work, but today we are keeping a lot of them for pleasure riding

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