11 The Most Amazing Mobile Games (That Must Play in October 2018!)

13th November, 2018 1867
In parallel with the new gadgets the new mobile games are appearing continuously. Autumn is the time for releases, and if you `ve already looked out for a brand new smartphone, then its worth thinking about fresh new games, which came out quite a lot this week - from gloomy to colorful and fun, from simple and relaxing to dynamic and speedy. The gamers will not experience a lack of entertainment and fun, and this is certainly good news.

Allen Poe`s Nightmare

Nightmares torment Edgar Poe, but he will never write his own crazy and creepy stories and cannot describe his nightmares without your help. Collect the letters, and let them develop into tales and stories, run away from the Red Death, coming on your heels. And all this - in the original locations, depicted in the style of comics of the past.

Badland Brawl

Physics-based browsers with PvP elements always have a chance to interest gamers, and even more. So if the action of this brawler takes place in the BADLAND universe, dark, stylish and well-known. Build chain reactions, launch clones into the game, destroy enemies towers and have luck on your side.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

The Candy Crush series don`t need any introduction. The general idea of the games in this series is familiar and clear to everyone, and this one is no exception. It is still based on the mechanics of collect-three-in-a-row, but it promises gamers new modes, challenges and the salvation of friends. Of course, there are traditional colorful graphics and simple controls.

Dizzy Knight

Dizzy Knight has been in development for several years and finally appeared in the App store. In this game, you have to choose one of two knights and put it to battle, but the battle is completely unusual. Instead of the expected hack-and-slash mechanics, something else awaits you, but the authors argue that it will be not only fun but also exciting.


The developers of the beautiful Old Mans Journey are back with a new project - another, no less beautiful game called ELOH. This rhythm game throughout its 85 levels will not make you rush, unlike most of this kind of games. There are no timers and you can just relax and rest.


You can save your world from complete annihilation in only one way - properly armed and firing off the monsters and their bosses. In this rail shooter game, you have to choose from a lot of weapons, enemies, and spectacular landscapes. Of course, it also offers you all kinds of dangers. Do you want dynamic gameplay? Get ready and fight.


In this side-scrolling platformer with hack-and-slash mechanics, you will explore the secrets of the forgotten kingdom of Valaris, fight hordes of enemies, hone your fighting skills, survive and travel through amazingly beautiful locations, restoring the kingdoms former glory.

Lordmancer II

After a long trial run, Lordmancer II finally got to Android users. This MMORPG offers gamers synchronous PvP and PvE battles, an open game world full of resources, missions, and adventures, as well as crafting, trading and much more. The best horse game in this popular genre.

PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze

Before entering the screens of the animation tape Wreck it Ralph 2, the character familiar to many of the retro-arcades Ralph, along with Pakman and Vanillopa, set off on a new adventure in a fresh game. It is a mix of several classic games from the past and offers gamers new mazes and favorite characters to collect.

Skyward Journey

The authors of Data Wing have prepared for Skyward Journey players a fairly simple game. The gamer has a task in to help the birds lost in the sky and find their way home. The gameplay is designed for one-handed control and the game is ideal as a time killer game.

The Tower of Egbert

This cute little game suggests finding a new home for wizard Egbert. To do this, you have to build a tower, increasing it higher and higher. But do not forget about gravity - if the tower of your construction resists - consider yourself lucky and the level is completed. Consider, there will be many levels and tasks by themselves will become more complicated..

11 The Most Amazing Mobile Games

11 The Most Amazing Mobile Games - In parallel with the new gadgets, the new mobile games are appearing continuously. Autumn is the time for releases, and if you have already looked out for a brand new smartphone, then its worth thinking about fresh new games!

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