Xbox Working On Xbox Model Without a Disc Drive

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Microsoft for the next generation Xbox platform is preparing a device called Scarlett that will not have a disc reader but will serve to stream games with new services called Project xCloud. We will not see this console for some time, but rumors announced by the portal suggest that next year we will see something else - the Xbox One console without the optical disc reader.

According to initial information, this console, based on the Xbox One S model, would allegedly be sold at a lower price - below $ 200, making Microsoft the cheapest console on the market (provided prices PS4 and Switch remain the same).

All this has perfect logic because the Xbox One could easily be the least sold console of the current generation of course if things remain the way they are. Microsoft would also be able to introduce players with their Xbox Game Pass with a subscription model for which the console does not need a disk reader anyway. With this combination of Xbox One, "under old days" could become a cost-effective investment.

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