Mongolia Winter Festival Tour - Horse News

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Many years ago there lived a shepherd by the name of Francis. He was a fine young man living alone. All throughout the day he used to tend to his flock and take them out for grazing near the mountains. But the wolves were his problem. He had to keep watch all day.

One day a fine idea struck his mind. Francis thought out aloud “I`ll design a trap for the wolves so that they can no longer harm my herd”. He then laid a trap for the wolves.

Next day when he brought the herd out for grazing he heard a cry for help. On reaching his trap he saw a unicorn was crying out for help. The pure white colored animal was in agony. Francis being kind-hearted let his trap loose and gave water and food to the poor animal. The unicorn touched by his kindness said to Francis “my dear shepherd boy what do you plan to do with me now that I`m in debt of you for saving my life?” Francis replied “I`m very poor. I`ll sell you on the market and get some money”. The unicorn replied, “please keep me with you for I might be small but one day I will be useful to you”. Francis had actually taken a liking for the unicorn. He gave the unicorn shelter at his place.

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