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Star Stable is the exciting online game where adventures, horses, and mysteries are waiting to be explored. Play free of charge up to level 5!

Care for and train your horses

Get your very own horse to ride, train and care for. As you become a more experienced rider, you can buy more horses and choose from a variety of different horse breeds. In Jorvik, you can own as many horses as you like!

Ride into an exciting world

Welcome to Jorvik, a beautiful island full of never-ending adventures. Together with your very own horse, you become part of a magical story and get to explore a fantasy world from the horseback.

Solve quests and mysteries

There are many intriguing characters and exciting mysteries waiting for you in the magical world of Star Stable. Solve the different quests while you experience the exciting story together with the people of Jorvik.

Play with your friends

There are always new things to discover in Star Stable. Meet up with your friends online and share adventures with other riders. Ride together, chat or challenge each other in one of the island`s many competitions.

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