Lego Tower, Chess Rush and other games news for July 2019

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LEGO Tower

Tiny Tower is a pixel simulator in which you need to build your skyscraper, then maintain it, engage it in public markets, and fulfill the tasks of the inhabitants. LEGO Tower is, in fact, the same, but in the design of the LEGO creator.

Thanks to the new look, the project looks much more attractive. You should definitely try the LEGO Tower, and you won`t be disappointed!

In terms of the game process, you should: build new floors, choose their specialization, perform tasks, and earn money.

You should also keep in mind that this is not a full-fledged building simulator. At certain moments, you will have to face constraints in terms of construction. LEGO Tower is proper for short sessions, in which you will slowly but steadily develop your skyscraper.


This game has existed since the autumn of last year, but for some reason, only a few people know about it. For example, the YouTube channel of this game counts only 62 subscribers. This is catastrophic for a project with such a potential.

The developers of WrldCraft create a mixture of acquaintances and elements from Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and MMORPG.

With the help of a smartphone, players will be able to build the real world with virtual blocks, which will be visible to other users. Moreover, in this sandbox, even villains are included, with which you will need to fight.

ROOMS: The Toymaker`s Mansion

In the App Store and Google Play, you can find hundreds of games that have mysterious themes. Most of them are devoted to attempting to find an exit, using the mindset. ROOMS combines elements of puzzles and platformers. The player`s task is to rotate and move different rooms of the mysterious territory to create a passage for the main heroine.

If the first levels resemble typical spots, then with time, it gets harder, the heroine learns to teleport and much more. To make the mission even harder, she meets a lot of enemies along the way. She will have to fight to get her way.

The game contains 144 levels, divided into four sections. All the action takes place under atmospheric and terrifying music.

The Toymaker`s Mansion may be familiar to you because it is a follow-up of the popular Rooms: The Main Building.

Chess Rush

This week, analyst Newzoo reported that the popularity of Teamfight Tactics, "auto-chess" from the creators of the MOBA League of Legends to Twitch is six times higher than the Dota Underlords and the original Auto Chess.

The developers claim that their "10-minute fights" are innovative compared to the typical duration of the match of about 30-40 minutes in other projects.

Right in the description of the application, it is written that victory can not be bought. Therefore, the results of players in Chess Rush, in theory, depend only on skills.

Everything else is standard: 50 creatures are called on the battlefield, where they will automatically fight with the characters of the opponent. At the same time, several battles take place in one match, and so until one winner is identified.

Worse Than Death

A developer named Benjamin Rivers is mostly known from Pixel Home Horror. In his new project, he decided not to exclude the chosen style but to tell a new story. Worse Than Death is an emotional thriller with a focus on history. You will play for a girl named Molly. According to the tradition of the genre, nothing happens as planned. Molly has to save herself and her friend from an unknown evil force.

After all, if you believe the author, the main character learns something new about her hometown, friends, and herself.

In this game, there are both elements of action and puzzles. By solving the puzzles, the heroine will reveal the terrible truth.

In Russia, the game is unlikely to be successful, but if interested, pay attention to reviews from gamers from other countries and reviews of the previous project, Home.

MU Origin 2

Of course, no release of the novelties of the week can go without MMORPG. The open beta test for MU Origin 2 started this week. So far, this game is only available on Android, but the publisher claims that it will soon be released on iOS, too.

MU Origin 2 is a direct sequel of MU Origin, released in 2016. Nevertheless, only those who played in it will be able to see the differences from the original game.

The game offers everything worth the wait: open world, quests and, of course, auto-fight. Moreover, you can even make the hero perform tasks.

Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill is a platformer game with elements of a puzzle. In your team, there are three characters: magician, archer, and a knight. Each of them has unique abilities that they use against the rest of the group. The Knight strikes with power, the magician freezes and turns into ice blocks, and the archer shoots and can, for example, shoot his associate to the wall with an arrow. At the same time, only one hero must reach the exit.

The theme of the game is self-sacrifice. There are a lot of things that you can do to help one of your teammates reach the exit. For example, you can distract the enemies while he gets away, you can help him climb a tree and much more. Plus, Total Party Kill is also distributed free of charge with periodic advertising between levels.

The Game of Life Vacations

The Game of Life is a pretty popular board game, the digital version of which existed even in the time of push-button smartphones. This game is not very realistic but enjoyable.

Vacations is a kind of a spin-off where you, together with other players, go on a vacation and have to collect points, making photos of your adventures.

Pick a character, choose your hotel, and let the adventure journey begin! Take unique photos, get souvenirs, fill your scrapbook, play safe, or take a risk, avoid setbacks, and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

You can play this game with friends, or with random opponents from around the world.

Great Conqueror: Rome

The action in this game takes place during the heyday of the Roman Empire. This aroused jealousy from the neighboring peoples, who were massively rushing to conquer the pieces of a great, but unstable state.

Great Conqueror is a step-by-step strategy where you will take control of one of the great commanders of that time and engage in real historical battles.

In the game, you will need not only to fight but to build cities, to carry out the duties of the Senate, to develop an army and much more.

The mode of operation is a separate historical battle in which you can manage both the Roman army and the neighboring nations. The method of conquest is the opportunity to go through a long history of hundreds of years from Punic Wars and to the decline of the empire. Lovers of tactical games will love the mode of the hike.

Games that you must play!