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15th November, 2018 842

Once upon a time there was a sparkled unicorn that lived in a magical place called Rainbow Island. With her friends, she ate buttercups, and they played all day long. One day Sparkle Unicorn found a magnolia tree. In one of the branches, there was a glowing ball with a goblin trapped inside, who asked Sparkle Unicorn for help. With no doubts, the beautiful unicorn ran into the ball and pierced the skin of the crystal ball with her horn. When the goblin fell to the ground, he offered to thank the unicorn, but what he wanted was to capture the unicorn. He was an evil wizard in disguise. He waved his wand and spoke a magic spell, capturing Sparkle Unicorn in a giant buttercup. The goblin was so happy because his dream finally came true. He also wished to give the unicorn wings so he could fly wherever he wants with the help of this innocent unicorn. As the goblin tried to secure a rope around her neck, Sparkle acted quickly. With several large bites, she ate her way out of the prison.

Galloping as fast as the wing across the Buttercup field, Sparkle escaped into a nearby rainforest. Looking back to see if the wizard was following, Sparkle failed to notice that the forest trail ended at the top of a cliff.

Entangled in the large leaves she slipped and fell over the cliff edge and down to the sea below. Struggling to stay afloat, Sparkle Unicorn climbed onto a large floating leaf and watched sadly as Rainbow Island disappeared into the distance.

Many hours later, Sparkle was woken from a deep sleep by the voice of a small dragon that had plopped down onto the leaf alongside her. His name was PD, and he was quite friendly. PD promised Sparkle Unicorn that he would teach her how to fly when they arrive in Fairyland. When the two friends arrived on the shores of Fairyland Bay, little pink back crabs scurried and hurried out of the way. Not so long later, PD introduced Sparkle Unicorn with his friend- the princess Fairy Petal. He explained what happened to Sparkle and that the unicorn does not know how to fly. The kind fairy smiled and told them that she would gladly help the unicorn learn how to fly. Princess Fairy flew high into the air and with the magic wand showered down wished stars onto Sparkle. The wings glowed brightly, overflowing with fairy magic, but she was still unable to fly, frightened that she will fall out of the sky. The beautiful princess told Sparkle not to worry because that can always try the magic tomorrow. But as everyone knows, fairy magic only works if you think it will and if you believe in yourself.

Several days later PD took Sparkle up a steep mountainside track to a place known as the enchanted Cave of jewels. The place was outstanding, but as they started back down the mountain, PD slipped on a stone and fell forwards. With one of his wings broken and his leg hurting badly, PD was unable to get onto Sparkles back. Even if she galloped as fast as she could. Sparkle knew that it would be long after dark before she arrived at the bottom of the mountain to get help. It was then when Sparkle knew she had to fly. Sparkle ran forward, flapping her wings as she did so, and leaped off the edge of the cliff. Sparkle felt herself falling, but also remembered that her injured friend is waiting for her help, so she flapped her wings as fast as she could. To her astonishment Sparkle found she was flying. The unicorn sped through the clouds, searched for help, and rescued her friend. The next day PD felt much better, but still unable to fly. Sparkle Unicorn and Princess Fairy Petal hovered in the air above him.

Sparkle Unicorn felt the power of the fairy magic, but most important of all she felt the power of believing in yourself.

Unicorn Tale

Unicorn Tale - Once upon a time, there was a sparkled unicorn that lived in a magical place called Rainbow Island.

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