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A long time ago on the mountains of Daisyland, there lived a little girl named Angel. Angel was five years old and lived in a small wooden cottage with her parents. She had no siblings and no friends – but only one companion, Sherman. Sherman was not a young boy nor an old man to give Angel any company – but Sherman was the kind of friend anybody would dream of. He was a snowy white huge horse. Its natural appearance could lead anyone to believe that it was the most silent creature, but in reality, Sherman was a sturdy, tough, huge animal with great speed and strength. When it rode in full speed, battling the wind – its fur coat shimmered in the dancing sunlight, and its mane flew back with the wind – giving it an appearance of the Greek Gods.

Ever since Angel was born, Sherman had been around the neighborhood. The very first time Angel crawled out of her bed, she found herself on the back of Sherman – and how calmly the horse would handle the child! It was a delight to see how the friendship between Angel and Sherman blossomed into an everlasting bond. The little girl would feed him dry grams, and he would neigh with happiness at the very sight of her.

Daisyland was a happy place, filled with the joy of this friendship, until one day dacoits attacked the mountain homes. The huge gang of miscreants entered every home, sabotaged their belongings and killed the people they saw.

The dacoits were at a distance of twenty minutes from Angel`s little cottage when Sherman noticed their direction of progress. The intelligent horse immediately realized that the next target was Angel`s home. Soon they were to reach her home to steal whatever little they had and kill them. The very thought of ill happening to Angel pierced the huge animal`s heart with a pain that it could not describe. Sherman, the white horse – immediately decided to save the lives of Angel and her parents.

Galloping over the huge fences across the orchards, taking huge leaps and not worrying for its self, Sherman the horse stopped outside Angel`s home. He neighed out loud, and her parents came out rushing, helplessly moving to and fro, Sherman tried to explain to them that the dacoits were coming their way. Soon they could hear the roaring of engines and gunshots – which confirmed Sherman`s fear. Angel`s parents were panicking, and they did not know what to do and where to go. Even worse, neither the father nor the mother could locate the little girl anywhere in the house – which catalyzed the panic.

Sherman repeatedly neighed only to tell them that it was time to escape and they must run away as fast as they could – but the mother`s heart would not agree to leave her daughter behind in a place where everything was about to be destroyed. Sherman was merely a horse, but he could read those emotions in a mother`s eyes.

Neighing with fervor, Sherman barged into the backyard of the house. Not knowing what to do, Angel`s father caught hold of his wife`s hand and began running away. They had to save as many lives as they could. The dacoits began showering bullets at their home, bereft of all the glory it had, the home stood noiseless and empty - and then when everything fell silent for sure – the dacoits rejoiced. Their disastrous target had been fulfilled. Angel`s parents watched the dead house from a distance as they had behind the trees – and for them, the world had ended. Angel`s mother sat on her knees weeping and howling because this loss was beyond comprehension for her. The father tried hard to console her, but within his heart, he was as broken as she was. The world seemed to have no meaning to them.

Just when the world had begun to fall apart – the sudden roar of Sherman`s neighing filled the atmosphere with hope for Angel`s parents and fear for the dacoits. Sherman came galloping, with thudding noises of his hooves on the ground – with Angel sitting on his back. Against the wind, as Angel`s golden locks flew and covered her lovely face – Sherman progressed towards the dacoits with great anger. With his hooves, Sherman injured their faces – and as little Angel laughed, Sherman rejoiced. Soon the dacoits were fleeing away for their lives, and Angel safely rode up to her parents on Sherman`s back.

Sherman`s strength, love, and presence – safeguarded Angel from any harm.

Sherman the White Horse

Sherman the White Horse - A long time ago in the mountains of Daisyland, there lived a little girl named Angel. Angel was all of five and lived in a small wooden cottage with her parents.

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